Friday, March 11, 2011

Enjoying long run-walks as Boston approaches

As I have mentioned previously, I picked up the idea to try Jeff Galloway's run-walk method after he visited Gainesville a few months ago. I have been using it to help make my long runs more bearable and the short breaks have done the trick, also seemingly helping to reduce recovery time. Anyway, I mention it again because as the Florida spring is here, and will only last a few weeks before jumping straight into summer, I have been doing long midweek runs as I build up miles for Boston. I have done two 10 milers over about an hour and a half in the 40 degree mornings and they have been just wonderful. Quiet, calm, cool, and with walk breaks, I feel like I could go on forever at that pace.

Yesterday I had to skip the run outside since it was heavily raining. Instead I stuck it out on the "dreadmill". Despite going for 90 minutes, even this was made tolerable with the judicious use of walk breaks and a good audiobook. Good to know for future training!

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