Monday, March 7, 2011

Worst long run ever

This past weekend I had what might have been the worst long run I have ever had. I went out to the Hawthorne trail for 20 miles by running 10 out and back. In all likelihood, my legs were not exactly recovered from the half marathon performance on the 20th. I did take some acid suppressant prior to the run, but that did not stop me from getting a little nauseated. No changes in the pre-run breakfast or gels either. Further frustrating was the onset of serious cramps around 8 miles in. The cramps, almost all in my abdomen, were almost unrelenting when I ran, but thankfully abated when I walked. So, I did manage to figure out a strategy of slower running and massage that made them bearable, but on occasion they spiked forcing sudden, unplanned walk breaks. The weather probably contributed seeing as how the temperature got up to the 80's when I was expecting nothing over the low 70's per the forecast. I got the miles done, but they were not pretty, not enjoyable, and not fast, but hopefully it was worth it for furthering my stamina in preparation for Boston. Things do feel better after some sports drink, water, lunch, an ice bath, and a warm shower but I could do without a repeat performance of that run.

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