Sunday, November 22, 2009

18 in the rain

Monday 5
Tues 8
Wed 9
Thurs 10
Fri 6
Sat 8
Sun ??

It's raining out and supposed to stay that way all day. I don't mind running in the rain for a short 4-5 miler, but I want to do 18 today as the longest long run I'll do for this training block. When I'm out there by myself for that distance, I go crazy without some music or podcasts, so I am trying to figure how to do that without ruining my phones or mp3 player. Ziploc bag should be fine for the player, but I think I am going to try a wide brimmed hat to wick water away from my ears to try and keep the 'phones dry. It's 66 deg F out now, and supposed to get a little warmer, but less humid. I think the best thing though is to just get out there and get started. I was going to go to Hawthorne today, but with the rain instead I am gonna stick it at home and do three out and backs with the option to cut short, get fuel/water, and change clothes if necessary after each. 7, 6, then 5 = 18. Here we go!

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