Monday, November 23, 2009

66 for the week! Post 20-miler report

I started out in light rain going 7.3 around Haile Plantation. It was a little depressing, but the really low point was running along Archer and getting splashed by the wake of a semi truck driving by. After a quick stop for shot bloks and water, I headed out for the second leg and felt pretty good. It had stopped raining at this point. Since I was running a loop and 2 out-and-backs, I figured I could push it a couple extra miles on the second leg and if I need to cut the third short, I could do 18 that way. Alternatively, if I felt good, I could jam it up to 20. I got through the second leg, unfortunately having to stop several times for traffic and inconsiderate drivers (Of course, thankfully I wasn't hit or anything). After a second stop to drain my water and snacks, I felt good enough for a final 5 and got it done. The word I would use is that it felt suprisingly 'strong', which is to say that it was no speedwork, but it was a lot of miles and I got them done without too much effort, pain, and so on. I felt it afterwards to be sure, but I felt pretty good. Hard to believe though, that my life schedule dictates that this weekend was the longest run training for Jax. Ah well, 66 for the week feels great!! (As of this writing, on Monday morning, having done another 6 today)


  1. As the official Marathon Wife, I am obligated to correct you that it was not a "light rain", as your shoes spent 3 days drying in front of our box fan. That aside, my amazement & pride grow every time you finish a crazy run like this. Keep running, Nutjob. 381