Sunday, December 12, 2010

RAGNAR on again and some personal notes

Nothing big to comment on this week, so I'll just mention a few personal notes this week.

  • After trying hard to get a team together for the RAGNAR to Key West, the race sold out the day I went to go register! Instead, myself and another friend from Gainesville have signed up with a team from Boston (SOX on the Beach) and we're really excited. Now, I did have another friend run the Central Florida Ragnar and despite her concerns about running in the dark on country roads, locals with shotguns, and being very smelly for 24 hours in a van, I'm still stoked!
  • I've been ramping up the miles on the weekend run to get ready for RAGNAR and to build the base for my Boston training. 13 last week and 15.5 this week. I have started using run/walk to help force me into a slower pace which is really helping me to 1) not feel dead tired after a long run and 2) not be sore so I can jump right back into quality runs during the week. I'm liking how it feels and I think I'm going to stick with that strategy for the time.
  • My wife is training using a run/walk program and has been sticking with it for a couple of months now. Best part is that she is excited enough about it that she has already registered for her target half-marathon, the 5 Points race in Gainesville in February!
  • My Garmin died. Would no longer hold a charge or turn on at all when separated from the cradle. I could still turn it on when in the cradle and a search of the internet seems to suggest a degraded connection between the battery and the mainboard. While this clearly sucks, at least Garmin has offered to refurb/replace it for only $75.00. I sent it back this week and hopefully I'll get a replacement soon.
  • "The streak" anniversary is coming up, three years of running everyday!

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