Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy anniversary, three years of running!!

Yesterday was my three year running streak anniversary, covering at least one mile a day, every day. I began the streak while training for the 2008 Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. That race was the first where I considered that a BQ might be within my reach if I did enough training. I cannot exactly recall what led me to want to start a running streak, but my recollection is that I read in a magazine about an older gentleman who had a streak going for decades! What struck me about that was the idea of how much easier it might be to stay fit if I just required myself to do a little something everyday. Clearly there have been some sick days where my streak barely stayed alive and you could argue as to whether or not I was really "running", but I figure that it is the spirit that counts, especially since it is my streak to keep.

Happy holidays everyone, and be safe out there on the icy and slippery roads!

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  1. Wow - three years of running daily without an interruption! Congratulations.