Monday, September 6, 2010

Worldwide Festival of Races, October 9-10

The summer has been tough to keep up with quality training, what being the heat, humidity and all. I've kept up with about 30 miles a week, done some cross-training, hill work, and minimalist miles. Now though it's time to work on a little distance endurance as the Worldwide Festival of Races approaches. This event, consists of a 5K (Kick the Couch), a 10K (The Zen Run) and a half marathon (The Phedippidations Half-Marathon Challenge). What makes it unique from your typical road race, is that there is no single start or finish line, there is no race fee for entry, and no cheesy local DJ playing "Eye of the Tiger" 100 times in a row at the halfway point.

No, this race is a worldwide race and people from across the globe register to run the event, and on the weekend of Oct 9-10, they go out and run their event wherever they are, either in conjunction with some official race, or just out their backdoor. Presently, there are 428 runners from 33 countries signed up to run. I can imagine that this sounds pretty weird, especially to people who are not convinced that just plain-old-running isn't weird. That said, this will be my fifth time running in the race, and I really enjoy the idea. The community of runners online is a lot of fun and this is just one way to be part of it!

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