Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another in the minimalist shoe lineup, New Balance Minimus

As the minimalist shoe/barefoot running movement continues to grow and gain traction (har har), I keep seeing more and more products coming out. I came across this video recently from New Balance talking about their new foray into minimalism, the Minimus. Now, I've not seen them in stores yet, but a couple of things put these on the list of "shoes I might be interested in one day".

First, the mesh/rubber body of the shoe (from what I can see of the video) looks a lot like the setup of my Saucony Fastwitch 3's. Wearing those, I really feel a snug and glovelike fit which I enjoy and I am imagining I will like the feel of the Minimus as well.

Second, these have the advantage over Vibram's shoes in that they have a traditional toe box, not "toe gloves" which work okay to fit my feet, but there are plenty of people out there who can't use VFF's because of their toe anatomy. Also, while I don't dislike the look of Vibrams, someone commented on this video that they can't wait for the Minimus so they can "replace [their] hideous VFF's".

Third, I've talked before about interaction with companies and had success in actually contacting people at companies like ASICS. I am glad to hear that Anton Krupicka has had a good interaction with New Balance and I think we, as consumers, should continue to be smart and conscious about the products we buy.

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