Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why do I run?

My wife asked me today what I love about running. A few things quickly came to mind.

First and foremost, I admitted, is the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a good run. Not much out there has the same effect on my as the way I feel after finishing up a good long run on the weekend. That said, even daily runs of just a few miles get me started off right.

Second, and arising from the first, is the feeling after a good race. The excitement in the air a few minutes before the gun brings butterflies and nervous energy that is just wonderful to experience. Certainly, most races have their low points, and self-questioning about sanity, but the finish line wipes all those away. I don't have to tell anyone who runs about how races beget races, and finish lines only really leave you aspiring to the next challenge.

Third, for me, is the streak. Keeping that alive has been great for me and my sanity. Getting miles in every day gives me time to unwind from or to gear up for the day.

I admitted to her that, honestly, the majority of the time, I don't WANT to go running at the time I decide I am going out. Frequently I am not yet awake, or exhausted from being post-call and running doesn't sound like fun, but another fact known well to runners is that once you get going, it feels great.

Today was an exception. The weather in Gainesville, sunny, 60, slightly windy, felt like Fall in Virginia and I wanted nothing more than to be out there for an hour or two getting in 10 miles. So that's just what I did. Me, the sun and wind, the blue-est of blue skies, and a handful of clouds. It was glorious, and I wouldn't trade the feeling for much of anything.

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