Friday, January 8, 2010

Planning for Disney: Weather

Looks like it is going to continue to be well below average temps for race start at 0530 on Sunday for Disney. But where early week projections had the temp at 23 F, now it looks more like 30F. Amazing how much difference a few degrees can make. I went out this morning expecting 20-ish weather and was quite overdressed when I found it about 38, the same as Jax race start temp. It took going to and calling four stores in Gville, but I eventually found some leggings/tights (very slimming!) just in case.

Hard to believe I'm running my second 26.2 in under a month, but I feel the strength and I am starting to get the pre-race jitters from excitement and cutting back on miles to be well rested. 2 miles each Thurs and today, 2 tomorrow, then the expo and race! That and getting to see all my in-laws and nieces/nephews, can't wait!

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