Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crosstraining and Rest

Being 6'4" can be frustrating sometimes. Like when I am sitting at a desk designed for a 5'6" tall person. It leads to things like bashing the ever-loving crap out of my knee, which I did a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, no races are imminent and I have the luxury of doing some crosstraining type of stuff.

I took a few days of walk-breaks (to keep my streak going) and then I tried running on it for a week or so after, but got mild medial knee pain every time I tried. Instead then I have been bracing it, taking ibuprofen round the clock walking, biking, and using the elliptical, as well as a little bit of Nautilus and free weights.

But I really miss the run. I have been doing some walking with Erin around the pond (READ: retention area) in our apartment complex and she is trying to build up some endurance. She mentioned going for a brief run during her walk the other day and how good it felt to be going fast and I could not agree more. Anyway, it's been a couple of weeks without any knee-impact exercise, so I the plan tomorrow is to go for an easy two miles and see how things go.

Recent Workouts:
Today: walked my mile for my streak
Saturday: 7.5 mile ride into and home from work with a 1 mile walk
Friday: 1 mile treadmill walk at a 10% grade (ow, my shins!) and 15 mins on the elliptical.

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