Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Congrats to everyone in Boston!

Monday was the Boston Marathon and a couple of people I know ran the race. Steve (Walker) Runner ran the race in just over 5 hours. He has run the race several times being the lucky recipient of one of the charity waivers. Caught off guard this year, he had only five weeks to train up, so congrats Steve! The other person is Dr. Wymer, one of the Radiology attendings here, who was fortunate enough to get a BQ recently and decided that given that achievement, he could not pass up the opportunity and finished the race in just under 4 hours. His race report sounds quite similar to those that I have heard from other runners about the sheer size and awe of running in such a popular and storied race. He confirmed that the girls of Wellesley are, in fact, very loud and very supportive of the runners.

Not much to report for my running this week. My right knee continues to feel a little funnny, but it is not hurting, I am just more aware of it than my left, so I am gonna keep going for now.

4/16 and 4/17: 2 miles before work daily.
4/18: 4.2 out and back from home
4/19: 4 miles in a loop around Goodwood in Tallahassee
4/20-4/22: 2 miles before work daily

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