Saturday, March 23, 2013

2012 Annual report

Life has been busy, which should be pretty evident from the pack of posts and the fact that I am just getting around to crunching numbers for 2012. Anyway, 2012 was pretty good for races, I completed three marathons, Gainesville (Five Points of Life), Albany (missed my sub-3 goal due to tornado weather), and MCM in October. Also did RAGNAR Key West in January. The totals are down a little from 2013, but still respectable:
  • 1,266.67 miles
  • 180:34 time on the road
  • 8:35 average pace
  • 172,194 calories
All that puts me on pace in 2013 to break a million calories since I started logging, pretty neat milestone. Total mileage since 2007 is 7,537.36 miles (including a little from 2013). Also, on Dec 18 2012, I celebrated 5 years of mile-a-day streaking!

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