Tuesday, March 22, 2011

26.2 days to Boston

Just got email notification of my bib number for the Boston Marathon in an email reminding me that it is a scant 26.2 days til race start! I will be in wave 1 with bib number 3473. If you are interested in following my progress on race day, AT&T sponsors an "athlete alert" at this website, where you can get SMS or email updates.

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  1. You'll have an incredible experience! Avoid the post-Hopkinton downhill sprint-a-thon to avoid excessively beating up your quads (my bad!) With all of the course's elevation change it's key to gauge your appropriate pace by your level of exertion, this is not a race where you should pay much attention to your Forerunner. Don't get freaked out by all of the crowds. Unlike any other course you won't have slower runners in front of you, so choose a side (i.e. left or right side of the road) and stay there for the first ten miles, since fluids will be served to you alternating from left to right - so there's no reason to be running back and forth. Relish the attention you'll get in Wellesley - this is not a course to wear earbuds and lose-out on a big part of the spectator's motivation. When running the Newton Lower Falls hills keep your eyes on a spot 20 to 30 feet in front of you - don't yield to the temptation of looking to the top of the hill that you're running on, as doing so can be psychologically crushing. Tap into the kids cheering for you and repeat your mantra; before you know it you'll be cresting the final hill and it's literally nearly all downhill in the final five miles, which you'll love.