Monday, February 14, 2011

Bad advice on marathon training

Lifehacker is an interesting website which, on occasion has some nice posts on interesting ways to tackle everyday problems. Recently, they posted an article on how to "Hack a Marathon". I have not provided the link, because I do not want to encourage anyone to visit the site thus providing ad revenue for such as post since it is not a post on how to hack a marathon. Instead it is a reposting of another blogger's experience running a marathon without any training. If you would like to read a post from Lifehacker about running, try this one instead.

The original posting is also titled "How to hack a marathon", the advice provided is not much more than a list of things that they, and many other marathoners do, to prepare for and endure the race. Thankfully, the original author now has a disclaimer on his website conceding that it is not a good idea to run a marathon without any training.

Can it be done? Yes. He did it. Should it be done? No. It is a great way to do some true damage to your body, and if the conditions are outside the norm (very hot or cold, rainy, etc.) you could get seriously ill. It should go without saying, but since that is clearly not the case, let me say: please do not try to run a marathon without training.

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