Monday, October 18, 2010

Boston 2011: Registration open

Well, it only took me just under my half marathon time to get through, but I finally submitted my application for Boston this morning. The website was (not suprisingly) a little overwhelmed by nervous, excited, and frustrated runners trying to get their apps in. Given that registration closed so early last year, I am not surprised at the traffic "clogging the tubes" but it was interesting to watch the Twitter and Facebook streams of people trying to register.

Some were angry and "yelling" at the BAA, while others lamented, and some (like me) lurked to see if anyone posted actually helpful information about the process. What was especially interesting to me is that right about 10:15 AM ET, the tweets transitioned from anger to elation as more and more Twitter-ers got through. At this point I stepped up my game again and got through in just a few more tries.

Anyway, crisis averted, the internets are safe again, and the BAA has thousands of apps to go through and verify times. Let's just hope they didn't accept 25,000 entrants before mine got through!

Update: Astonishing! The BAA closed registration at 5:03 p.m., a scant 8 hours after opening!!

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