Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RRT Ep 93: Running in the Heat

This post is a little out of order since I've already mentioned and followed-up on my participation in RRT 94, but I started this and wanted to finish out a couple thoughts on the previous episode.

So, thanks to Adam, Amanda, Joe, and Flo for a great Ep of the Runner's Round Table. I've whined plenty (here, here, here, and more) about running in the heat, although it is not quite as bad as Amanda's in Austin. I enjoyed the discussion and in particular took away some good educational points. First was Flo's discussion of dew point and how to add it to temp to figure out how oppressive a run might be and second was the general discussion about the "quality" or training value of hot weather running and tried to make distinctions about training for hot races vs. how to get in daily runs in a hot climate.

Anyway, I've been running in Florida heat for a while and I found some stuff to learn, so you might too! Lately, I'll say that my primary tactic for hot weather running is to try and find some form of core/strengthning/quality that I can focus on which does not depend on speed. While I don't feel like I can do intervals, I do feel capable of Fartleks in the AM. Also, doing minimalist/Vibram runs and hill workouts have been keys to quality this summer.


  1. I too listened to that RRT episode, and also thought that the panel did a great job of addressing the many huge challenges of hot weather running. Training from Houston for a key fall marathon (Chicago) I've been doing long runs in absolutely horrid conditions (e.g. dew point + temperature = ~160F!), so of necessity we begin our runs before 5 AM, back-off the target pace, drink a lot, take frequent cool-down breaks, and take electrolytes (we're all partial to Succeed S!Caps). Myself and many others in my training group avoid the heat via the treadmill on weekdays, since in the alternative it's tough to even get close to goal marathon pace. Good luck in Florida!

  2. Sounds like good strategy. I really enjoyed running in Houston last time I was there, but that was in November (much nicer weather!) Enjoy Chicago and good luck.

  3. Dr,
    Do you have a audio podcast to go with your blog?

  4. There is a men's running shirt on the market that helps runners stay cool in hot weather. They have a running sleeveless shirt that keeps athletes 10 to 20 degrees cooler than outside temperatures. Maybe check them out http://www.fros-tsports.com

  5. Thanks for the tip Kyle, a little pricey for my taste but maybe as a gift.

    Normstumbler, I do't have my own, but I have participate in the Runner's Round Table and I intend to do so more in the future.