Saturday, August 7, 2010

Florida Track Club Meeting: July 2010

I've been meaning to make a little post about this, but it slipped my mind until recently. I finally made it out to my first local track club meeting to say hello to some other local runners. I got drawn out my the guest speaker, Andy Mathews who is an ultrarunner, the race director for a local ultra race the Croom's Fool Run, and the Mountain Ultra Trailrunner of the Year in Florida for 2006. He's run some of the well known ultras such as Western States 100 (which was run this year in an astonishing record time of 15:07:04). He blogs over at

His topic of his talk about general tactics and preparation for going into the ultra distance (anything beyond a marathon, 26.2 miles/42.16 km). It was informal, brutally honest, and pretty entertaining. I didn't get much opportunity to meet and introduce myself to other runners, but it did remind me that I could be interested in doing some ultra-action one day. Right now, though, the time commitment to put in a hundred plus miles is a bit much.

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