Sunday, May 23, 2010

Post #100: a little more about barefoot/minimalist running

For those interested in reading more about the phenomenon of minimalist/barefoot running, Runblogger has a great post about the "debate".

I am in strong agreement with the basic premise of his post, which is that the "debate" can get a little hairy sometimes with both the pro and con sides resorting to hyperbole and ad hominem attacks to make their points, neither of which hold much sway with me. I must admit that my expertise in medicine is in Cardiology and not Sports Med, but my review of the literature doesn't really find much to say that either side has strong footing (pun intended). We could definitely stand to see more robust science supporting both sides.

I was interested to learn from this post that Dr. Lieberman gets research funds from Vibram. Dr. Lieberman's website at Harvard does make this disclosure, but has nothing about the extent or size of the research support.

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