Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alas, the Spring is gone

Yesterday morning, I arose to a crisp 60 degree breeze in my face. I was not feeling quite awake and enthusiastic when I got in my car to drive to work, but on arrival, the miracle of caffeine had taken effect and I got started on four miles on campus. In all the time I have lived in Florida, I cannot recall cool temperatures as these so late in the year. Admittedly, I now get up a lot earlier than I ever did during college, and for high school early AM was for swim practice.

But this weekend, Spring is officially over.

We had some good rain that came through yesterday afternoon and night. For today, the forecast was for 90-plus degree highs. The combination of the two was enough to make this morning feel much more like Florida, and a far cry from the cool breeze of yesterday.

As ZenRunner put it: ”When the temps hit 90, I'm glad to have a gym”
For sure, and with that thought, I’m off for some “dreadmill” time and likely some rowing.

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