Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Running in Downtown ATL? The Dreadmill

Been in Atlanta for the last few days and there are some options for running while I'm here. Unfortunately, everything downtown is broken by stop lights and crazy traffic (I've almost been run over about a half dozen times). I went onto mapmyrun.com to find some locally mapped runs, and thanks to the people who posted them, but I think I'd just rather stay inside than stop every block running through downtown. The centennial Olympic park is nearby, but I would have to run dozens of laps to get any distance built up. Not to mention the fact that there are enough shady people walking the streets that I wouldn't really want to be hanging around them at 5AM (Cardiology meetings start early). Perhaps things are nicer out in Buckhead and the 'burbs.

So ultimately I have resigned myself to the dreadmill (treadmill) in the hotel. At least they are high quality products as opposed to the ancient, decrepit things that pass for a "fitness center" in lots of hotels. I will say that at least having a recumbent bike and an elliptical there is encouraging me to do a little crosstraining. Check back soon for my report from the River Run in Jax last week (preview: with Bill Rodgers and 9 Olympians!)

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