Saturday, March 6, 2010

A little bit of mending

Getting a late run today. Worked this morning so I elected to sleep a little longer and run this PM instead of getting up at 6A and going out in freezing cold. Lesson learned about gravity and concrete, my rash is healing up pretty well. I've also been nursing some R heel and L knee pains which are improved as of late. I was worried that they might be plantar fasciitis and ITB (respectively) but both were pretty sudden onset and have improved with stretching and slower runs with focus on form.

The Gate River Run is coming up this weekend, which should be a lot of fun, I am staying in a hotel about 2 miles from the race start, so I should get plenty of time to warm up and then have a nice walk back to the hotel. With the timing, I should even be able to get a post-race shower in my hotel before I have to check out (bonus!) After that, the race calendar is pretty sparse for the near future. With third year of fellowship coming up, I don't know what my schedule will be like. I'll need to know that before I can make arrangements for any more races. Fall Marathon? Not sure, but I do have my calendar set to remind me to start looking for Boston registration in August.

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