Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gainesville Marathon Relay tomorrow

Race start is going to be pretty cold, 31 at the last prediction. 7AM is the guntime, but I won't get going for probably at least 2 hours after that. If the rest of my team does 7min pace miles, times 5 miles, time four people, I will get the baton at about 9:20 AM. Not really a baton of course, but a single ankle strap. No split times at the exchanges, but I'll take over with 6.2 to go.

I am pretty excited about the race since it is the first time since high school where I am really competing against other people. Running is, for the most part, a sport where you are only running against yourself. Trying to set a new PR, or break a certain time barrier, etc. Even when I ran the half marathon team race last year, it was a cumulative time event, so I couldn't really cheer or hope for anything in particular. In this case, it will be me out there with 8 or 9 other people and I'll know when their teams come in and how fast I might have to run to catch them. Of course, it's possible that other teams will come in fast enough that there's no way I could ever catch them, won't know until we get there.

Sounds fun!

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