Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tapering and feeling strong

Fully into my taper for Jax now. I ran 38 last week and for now I am on pace to do just over 20 this week heading into the 26.2 on Sunday. So, what's on the checklist for preparations?

Weather: Currently Jax will be a low of 34 and high of 55 on Sunday with a storm coming through tomorrow and partly cloudy on Sun AM. If that holds, it will be fantastic conditions for the race!

Race Clothes: I don't have anything profound to say or think about the race, other than hopefully getting a BQ. But I don't want to be arrogant on raceday, so I don't want a shirt bragging about my goal. Instead I think I'll be wearing some Gator colors and a compression tee with my Saucony Fastwitches.

Raceday food: Got my energy bars (thanks, Erin). Still need to grab some gels. Gotta figure out if there is a coffee option at/near the hotel or if I'll have to resort to a Doubleshot.

Raceday gear: Got my Spibelt out. Will get raceday packet from 1st Place Sports on Saturday once we get to Jax. Garmin is working fine, but the chest strap has a spot on the back that was causing abrasions, so I haven't been using it for a while. I've redone my warmup and racing music for my Sansa clip. Still got my old school Adidas polarized sunglasses.

My Condition: I ran hard on Tues to see what kind of speed I was feeling like. I had a couple of miles at a 6:35-6:45 pace that were tiring, but felt good, so hopefully I'll be ready to maintain 7:00-7:08 for the race. Switching to my Saucony's feels great, light as air.

Carbs: Focused on carbs this week, anytime I feel hungry just going for it. So far so good.

Nerves: Feeling jittery, this could be a great race, but as Erin put it, it's quite exciting because I feel like I am on the cusp, but a BQ is far from a sure thing!

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