Sunday, November 8, 2009

16 Miles today

Got out on my local 13.1 mile out and back knowing that I really wanted to get 16 in if I could. Was doing quite well for the first 13-14, but I started to get incredibly sore in my abs and back. Oddly enough, the legs were fine and even my belly (ie: food/water) was fine, but my abs were crazy sore from breathing to keep up my pace. I unfortunately had to take several walk breaks during the last 2 miles, but finished pretty well overall with 16 miles in 2:06. That is close to my last marathon pace, which bodes well pretaper and without the thrill of the race itself.

I felt pretty strong otherwise, so I am going to take today's run as a pretty good sign and keep going at it. One big plus is that the post-run recovery went quite smoothly and I felt well shortly after getting cleaned up. I think I may even pass on my usual post-run nap.

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