Friday, October 16, 2009

Today's run = AWESOME!

Got up early today for 8 miles around campus at UF. It is Homecoming today and I never appreciated it in college, but this town loves UF and loves them Gators. The entire town shuts down, businesses and roads for a huge parade, a noontime fun run (thankfully it has cooled off a little bit), and pre-partying for the world's biggest student run pep rally, which is a hug pre-party for the tailgating for the football game against Arkansas tomorrow. How big a deal is it? I ran along University this morning, and at 6 AM, locals were out setting up chairs and tables for their parade-side parties. How do I know they were locals? It was 6 AM, and they were awake. Okay, they might have been chemistry majors up for 1st period Organic, but they usually don't hold that class on the side of the road.

Anyway, today's run was awesome. The couple of recent hard runs I had on tiptoes and up hills have worn off, and my legs were not achy. I took the hills strong and felt pretty unstoppable. On the flats and downhills I was consistently under 7 minute paces and not winded. We'll see how this all holds up as training goes on, but today was one of those days that two weeks of crappy runs makes up for in just how elated you can feel in the exhaustion of a great run.

Go Gators!!

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