Saturday, October 10, 2009

4th Annual (Phedippidations) Worldwide Half Marathon

Race report:

13.1 in hilly, hot, and humid Tallahassee was not generous to my pace and time of 1:56:xx. My out and back course was mostly along Blairstone road. The first three or so miles went smoothly, not too uncomfortable. I chose to take a short trip along Riggins to stay in the shade and thankfully, even on Blairstone, several spots were still shaded from the sun. The hills were challenging, and not something I am accustomed to, living in Gainesville. I definitely had to walk a couple, especially later on as the heat started to get to me. I paced well in the beginning and did not get that tired from a cardiovascular standpoint until I got to overheating. Most of the fatigue was in the legs from the hills.

The hills of Tallahassee are not that steep, mostly 1-2% grades, but the total uphill and downhill distances add up a good amount. According to, my course was a min elevation of 92 ft and max of 253 ft, but the total ascent and descent was +/- 315 ft.

Thanks to everyone at WWFoR, Steve at Phedip, and the hundreds of other runners who will participate in this event, it's always a blast!

One race down, 3 more til Boston! (hopefully)

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