Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall and Speedwork

Unbelievable weather in Florida this morning. 54 degrees! My plan to pack some Virginia fall weather on my way home from vacation worked perfectly.

Despite forgetting my Garmin and my MP3 player on my trip north to CVille and DC, I got 35 miles in last week. Ran the National Mall a lot, saw all the major monuments as well as Jefferson's and the White House.

Back to the grind here in Gville this week, 4 Monday and 6 Tuesday. This morning, with the weather being as great as it was, I felt up for some speedwork. Turns out that the track at the middle school by my house is not lit overnight, so no go there. Instead, I just figured a few good flat straight and unobstructed by foliage spots to hit it flat out for 0.25 to 0.5 miles at a stretch. Got three of those repeats into a 4.25 mile run in 32 mins. Max pace was in the 5:45 range and the cool breeze I generated was glorious.

Thanks to Steve for recommending "Born to Run" by Christopher MacDougall. I listened to it on my trip and am working on a full review.

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