Saturday, September 5, 2009

Early morning running

I told some of my friends last year that I "could never be a morning runner". I had tried while living in Virginia, and I could never get going. My zombie-like state upon waking would last so long that I risked hurting myself. Eventually, the toll of fellowship first year (read: internship, the sequel) got to where I was so tired in the evening that I could not bring myself to run then either. Eventually, I settled on a making a double espresso and drinking it on my way into work, where I would then run around the dormant UF campus, shower in the call room, and go about my day.

That routine has ended up being quite enjoyable, and I was able to get some miles in without yet having the stress of the day on my shoulders. The additional benefit is that when there are no cars out and the humans have all been asleep for several hours, beautiful phenomena or nature can be observed, if only briefly. This week, I got within a few feet of both an armadillo and a cute and tiny rabbit scampering through the brush. I must admit ignorance as to which species are native to Florida, but I think these are representative samples. The foliage near where I stretch on campus forms lovely patterns with the dewdrops, that is much more serene than the dewdrops I am covered with after running in the 100% humidity. (Yes, every post has to include a comment about the weather here.)

Anyway, it's just another bit of happiness for being a runner.

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