Monday, August 31, 2009

Classic Race: 2007 Charlottesville 10 Miler

As part of getting geared up for this series of marathons, I want to go back and revisit some of my prior races. This is the first in a handful of posts I will write about prior races. For some, I have written down thoughts at the time of the race and will be more in depth. This is one of the shorter ones about running in Charlottesville.

Being a runner in Charlottesville is not very unique. There are at least three major running stores in town, and when it is half the size of little old Gainesville, that should say something. The Ten Miler each Spring is a great community event and highly popular. 2,200 people competed in the 2009 race and the course takes you through UVA campus grounds back around the neighborhoods just North of downtown, back up The Mall, and finish right by U Hall. I ran the race in 2007 with a chilly start. The crowd support is awesome and during the past few years is much easier to by supportive since they took the race and put it though town. The bit on the Mall was the best from the crowds and so incredibly supportive.

I finished the race with a 7:22 pace in just about an hour and fifteen minutes. That ended up being pretty close to the pace I would eventually run in the Shamrock Marathon a year later in 2008. Also running that day was Patrick Dillon, one year ahead of me at UVA, Dr. Densmore from Heme-Onc, Dr. Robbins from Pulmonary, and a handful of other faculty and staff from UVA.

Editorial note: My wife pointed out that I referred to UVA's campus, which does not exist. The race, in fact, goes through the UVA grounds. My apologies to Mr. Jefferson's neighbors.

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