Saturday, July 25, 2009

8 miles in the Florida swelter

Just a quick note about today's long run. I checked the weather when I got up and the temperature/humidity forecast looked like this:

7AM: 73F 79%
8AM: 75F 93%
9AM: 78F 90%
10AM: 82F 79%
11AM: 85F 67%

So, I had a little trouble getting 8 miles in without feeling quite damp towards the end. I am strongly considering the purchase of new water carrying devices. I have tried a couple different belt options (including fuelbelt) and not been happy with the fit or feel. Camelbak's seem more like it, but they are a little on the heavy side. Right now I am thinking about the HPL #008 by Nathan, which is lightweight and if you can believe it, I have not found any negative reviews about it. I'm gonna sleep on it before the purchase though.

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