Thursday, June 11, 2009

Running Doldrums

The last couple of weeks have been pretty boring for my running. I have been on the consult service and working 12+ hours every day and then adding a couple more on trying to meet some deadlines for research and other professional development stuff has left me little time to run.

I've still been getting my 2 miles a day in (I'll truncate this post by not detailing out a daily run log of 2 miles) with the occasional 4-6 miler on the weekend. I feel strong though and have managed to get some pretty fast sprints in towards the end of daily runs. IE: after warming up for a mile, my second mile splits have easily been in the low 7's pace and sometimes down into the mid to high 6's.

I have elected to run a couple of times on the "dreadmill" because even at 5 AM, Florida can be one hot and muggy place to run. I was treated the other day to part of President Obama's speech from Egypt, which happened to coincide with my run.

Still running, see you out on the road!

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