Friday, May 15, 2009

This week in Dave's running

Not much to report on this week. I went home to spend last weekend with my parents and got in 6 and 4 mile runs. The 6 miler was notable because I used it as an opportunity to run from my parents house through all the nearby neighborhood I used to play in (and mostly bike around) as a kid. Harriman Circle, Armistead park (featuring new sidewalk on Armistead road), through Winthrop park where my brother and I used to play teeball/baseball, up the steepest hill I've ever run up (and admittedly I had to walk part of) on Crestview Rd, and then round past my grandparents old house and back home. It was a nice but very muggy run.

Last week's total: 27.3 running and 3.5 walking

5/14: 2mi
5/13: 4mi
5/12: 3mi
5/11: 3mi
5/10: 4mi
5/9: 6mi

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